Dantz has updated Retrospect – its backup software for Macs – to version 5.1.

The upgrade offers bootable Mac OS X disaster recovery, support for new CD/DVD external back-up devices and introduces support for Red Hat clients, meaning Retrospect can back-up computers running Mac, Windows or Red Hat Linux.

Other features include support for a wide variety of backup and archival media, automated scheduling and administration capabilities. This version also offers a bootable CD-ROM that can be used to restore the operating system in the event of failure. Once the OS is installed, users can restore data directly from the most-recent Retrospect backup session. Restorable data includes applications, user data and settings.

Dantz has also replaced Retrospect Express with Retrospect Desktop Edition, a product that will backup both the computer on which it's installed as well as a further two networked computers.

Three versions of Retrospect are presently available:
Retrospect Server, which backs up a local Mac and 100 networked clients, and costs £499. Upgrades are £99; Retrospect Workgroup, which backs up local Macs and 20 networked desktop or notebook clients. It costs £311, with upgrades costing £63; and Retrospect Desktop, which backs-up one local Mac and two networked desktops or notebook clients. It costs £80. Prices exclude VAT.