Runtime Revolution has announced its new rich media application Revolution Media.

The company has also introduced new support forums for all its products, including specialised, per-project forums for Revolution Media.

Revolution Media lets digital production designers, artists, and interactive media specialists create rich media projects they can then deploy on Mac OS X and Windows.

The software integrates numerous visual tools to help graphics designers create media projects: drag-create visuals, buttons, windows, information boxes, lists, players, and more. Projects and utilities can be played back against a customisable backdrop - using Revolution Player - on Windows and Mac OS X.

Along with its powerful Revolution scripting language (which the company claims is faster and easier than Javascript or Flash, the software supports animated, interactive blending and transparency in every object, including buttons.

The software supports advanced QuickTime interactivity for playback of video and audio. Other features include: text-to-speech, video/audio capture, printing, and loading/displaying media from a website.

Revolution Media costs $49.