UK-based developer Runtime Revolution has released Revolution 2.1.

Aimed at developers, Revolution is a cross-platform software development solution for Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix systems.

Version 2.1 ramps up Revolution's Mac OS X support. It improves the environment's support for Apple's own OS X style guidelines, introducing support for drawers as well as Aqua and brushed aluminium. This version supports a selection of high-level languages, including PostgreSQL, ODBC, MySQL and Valentina, and adds system palettes that float above all applications.

Revolution 2.0 extends the environment's known strengths, such as an easy-to-use interface builder, an English-like programming language, database access and multimedia and Internet support.

The user interface has been completely updated, and the environment's drag-&-drop architecture has been improved. New features in version two include an XML library, with full support for creating and parsing XML documents. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) support also appears in this release.

Runtime Revolution is offering 50 per cent off the product to new customers. Revolution Express costs $75; Revolution Studio costs $199 and Revolution Enterprise costs $599. A demo version is available for download.