Apple's first excursion into linking iTunes downloads with live event ticket sales seems off to a shaky start - and users have been quick to criticise the computer company.

iTunes recently made new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, Stadium Arcadium available for pre-order. The company also teamed up with TicketMaster in a deal which meant fans buying the album in advance would be sent special codes to enable them to buy tickets for the band's US tour in advance of the general public.

The album shipped this week, but US music lovers are furious - because they claim to not have received these special codes.

There's an extensive discussion thread on Apple's own support site complaining at this, and Apple has made no response available as yet.

The codes were advertised as arriving around May 9. They would have allowed fans to buy gig tickets in advance of May 13, when they go on general release.

Neither Apple nor TicketMaster have commented on the problem at this time.