The President of the Recording Industry Association of America has defended its decision to sue

Hilary Rolsen, the RIAA’s president, said: "The level of anti-piracy work that we do is not geared to stopping progress, but fostering a legitimate business and allowing those entrepreneurs in the legitimate marketplace to have a shot."

The RIAA won its case against, although Rosen confirmed behind-the-scenes negotiations are continuing. She said: " has pushed the envelope too far in terms of doing a business that was unlicensed. But, I think that the idea of finding new alternative ways to promote sales and promote music is exactly where everybody is heading."

While a full opinion from the judge on the case is due within the next two weeks, another lawsuit that the RIAA brought against the popular music-swapping software Napster hasn't been decided yet. Rosen said: "The focus of all of the RIAA's enforcement activities is really constantly and solely geared toward facilitating the legitimate music market. Napster is just one of those cases. We and many other people think that they are knowingly and deliberately engaging in wilful infringement."