The Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA's) litigation against file-sharers has met resistance once again.

Michele Scimeca is one of hundreds of people accused of copyright infringement by the music industry body; and she's fighting back.

Scimeca is countersuing in the courts – and she's shooting from the hip. The RIAA stands accused of extortion and racketeering under US gang laws. She says that by suing file sharers and then offering to settle instead, the RIAA is violating the law.

CNet reports the litigant's lawyer, who calls the RIAA approach a "scare tactic" that is "not permissible" and equates to extortion.

The RIAA has settled with 381 individuals of the 1,500 people it has launched action against so far.

It's no sure bet that Scimeca will win her action – but with 1,500 people accused of file-sharing by the RIAA, the industry association can expect resistance to follow a multitude of legal paths.