Former Beatle Ringo Starr has fuelled debate on music downloads once again, confirming plans to make the act's music available online.

Starr had little to say when speaking to ContactMusic, except: "The Beatles music will one day be downloading." He didn't offer any schedule for such plans.

The Beatles music hasn't yet appeared on legitimate networks, a response some observers believe is driven by the dispute between the act's holding company, Apple Corps and Apple Computer. Others observe that much of the publishing rights for the band's songs now belong to Michael Jackson.

Speaking during the Apple Corps versus Apple Computer trial in the UK High Court, Apple Corps label boss Neil Aspinall first confirmed plans to release The Beatles catalogue online.

A spokeswoman for Apple Corps confirmed these plans to Macworld UK. "I think it would be wrong to offer downloads of the old masters when I am making new masters. It would be better to wait and try to do them both simultaneously so that you then get the publicity of the new masters and the downloading, rather than just doing it ad hoc," Aspinall said.

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