Unwired has released Ringtone Creator 2.3 for Mac OS X.

The product is a multiplatform engine for converting mobile ring tones. It can run as a standalone application, convert ringtones, and help with development projects. It supports 24 major ringtone formats, including monophonic, polyphonic, Wav and MP3.

Ringtone Creator offers a number of advanced processing features which allow you to remove segments from ringtones, reduce polyphony or increase a ringtone's compatibility with certain phones.

The full version of Ringtone Creator also offers the following plug-ins for ringtone composers and distributors:

A "Sound Engine" for creating ringtone previews.
The "Flash Engine" for creating ringtone previews in Flash format.
The "RingT1 Data Feed" plug-in for creating data feeds for the www.RingT1.com ringtone search engine (a free service you can use to promote your ringtones).

Ringtone Creator 2.3 is available both in a standalone format and/or as a Java programming language library. It costs $125 per single copy, which includes one year of free support. A demo is available.