Destineer's MacSoft arm intends releasing real-time strategy game Rise of Nations for the Mac this summer, the company revealed last night.

Rise of Nations has won 30 awards since it was released for Windows in May 2003. It has been in development since February by Westlake Interactive.

The title is a historical real-time strategy game that combines the "epic scope of traditional turn-based strategy games with the fast-paced action of a real-time strategy game," the company said.

Players build cities, city infrastructure and expand their national borders. They can win the game using a combination of military force (dependent on their technology) or economic and trading skills, controlling trade in key commodities.

The title lets players quickly move through eight historical epochs, from the Ancient to the Information Age. They can choose a battle mode in which they manage one of 18-nations, or play the non-linear single-player Conquer the World campaign. Up to eight players can also battle online or using a local area network.