Apple this morning received another celebrity endorsement – from UK pop megastar Robbie Williams.

Interviewed by Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox, Robbie praised Apple's iTunes and iPod.

He begins with a question: "Have you got iTunes on your computer?" he asked. "Go and get iTunes", he urged.

He explained: "You can download all your favourite CDs - I don't mean download songs off the Internet, because that would be illegal, but download all the songs you own to iTunes".

Robbie is also a big fan of Apple's award-winning MP3 player, the iPod: "You can get these things called iPods. I've got 3,500 songs on this little white box that I put in my car and play it. It's amazing."

The interview is available for download in RealPlayer format. Williams goes on to discuss Eminem, his relationship with Geri Halliwell, and his new single.

His new album, Escapology, is available now.