Mac gamers have something to amuse them this weekend - a chance to play their way through the epic adventures of Robin Hood.

European games developer, e.p.i.c. Interactive, has released a demo version of its new game, offering Mac gamers a chance to take the legendary historical character 'dancing through the glen'.

The demo reflects one incident in the game, where Robin learns the Sheriff of Nottingham has captured minstrel Will Scarlet. Scarlet must be freed. Players aren't limited to acting as Robin Hood, they can also cast themselves as members of his Merrie Band.

Hiding in the shrubbery

The full game lets you take Robin Hood into Nottingham Castle, York, Leicester, Derby and Lincoln, and also indulge in a few guerilla-style attacks on heavily-guarded convoys in Sherwood Forest.

The full title includes: Over 30 non-linear missions; five giant castle maps, in day and night scenarios; nine usable characters; mouse-controlled sword-fighting. The game will be be available with english, german and french localizations, both texts and dialogues are translated.

Robin Hood requires Mac OS X 10.2, a 350MHz Mac (500MHz G4 recommended); 128MB RAM; an 8MB graphics card.

The 56MB demo is available from MacGameFiles.