US-games developer Mumbo Jumbo has hired former rocket-scientist Duane Johnson to help the company port games from the Windows and console platforms to the Mac.

Before joining Mumbo Jumbo, Johnson was a Mac programmer at 3dfx. Prior to this the talented techie spent 15 years as an aerospace engineer for NASA, where he designed astronaut-training software and helped create the docking target for the first US mission to the Russian space station Mir.

He was also involved in the successful Mac conversions of Descent 3, Baldur's Gate and Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. He joins a team at Mumbo Jumbo currently involved in porting titles to the Mac for games publisher MacPlay.

Mark Dochterman, president of Mumbo Jumbo, said: "We're confident that Duane will greatly enhance Mumbo Jumbo's ability to deliver Mac OS X versions of MacPlay's 2001 release line-up."

One current Mumbo Jumbo port in the pipeline is Myth III: The Wolf Age for Gathering of Developers. A note on promises that Myth III will be released on November 15, 2001.