Rolling Stone has a feature piece examining the alliance between Apple and U2.

It reveals that U2 will be taking a license fee on sales of the limited edition U2 iPod, but also confirms the band were not paid to appear in the 'Vertigo' iPod ad, currently screening on UK networks.

U2 manager Paul McGuinness told Rolling Stone: "The commercial was an attractive idea because iTunes was already selling our music, and the amount Apple will spend for airtime is out of reach for the record business."

The piece looks at other emerging trends in the music business, including tie-ups with video game makers; and the way record industry forces are deliberately trying to build alliances with big brands, such as Pepsi or Mercedes-Benz.

Apple has been working with U2 since 2003. Apple CEO Steve Jobs met with the band and Universal imprint Interscope Records co-chairman, Jimmy Iovine. The band regard Iovine as a "visionary", because he encourages artists to meet with technologists.