The publisher of street-map software Route 66 has announced Route 66 Route 2004 specifically for Mac OS X.

The news follows rumours earlier in the year that the company had discontinued Mac development of the product. The company said: "The decision to release a Mac OS X product was taken because so many Mac fans continued to ask us for a follow-up product to Route 66 Route 2001-2002."

The OS X product comprises all the key features of the successful Windows product line. The top-of-the range product, Route 66 route Professional 2004, offers street-level route maps through 22 Western European countries. It ships on a 2.3GB DVD, and includes information on 700,000 points of interest, such as petrol stations, hotels and restaurants and 54 million house numbers.

The product's Internet features mean users can access free up-to-date travel information in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and France. "Route 66 route 2004 for Mac puts Mac fans back on the road," the company says.

Three Mac products are available: Route Britain 2004 (£35), Route Europe 2004 (£35) and Route Professional 2004 (£60). All prices are based on euro exchange rates.