Roxio and EMI are forming an alliance to develop a secure CD-recording platform.

The two companies are developing a commercial CD-burning solution that will work with most digital-media formats and encryption schemes.

This CD burning solution will enable consumers to buy and download encrypted music files to their PC, and then move them off the PC and onto a recordable CD – when permission from the copyright owner has been received.

Law abiding Chris Gorog, president and CEO of Roxio, said: "EMI's and Roxio's secure CD-burning solution will obey copyright laws by permitting limited copies to be made for personal use, for example, an extra copy for use in a car's CD player."

He added: "Roxio is working closely with encryption companies and hardware manufacturers to research and develop solutions to enable burning to a secure CD format."

This alliance will see Roxio supply the technology and distribution channels, while EMI provides guidance and advice.

Consumer friendly Gorog said: " Our goal is to enable consumers to legally download and record music to CD in a consumer-friendly manner, while fairly compensating copyright owners and creators."

The future is bright for Roxio and EMI, according to Jay Samit, senior vice president of new media at EMI Recorded Music. He said: " Cooperation between technology companies and the music industry is at the core of our plans to develop new revenue streams for our artists."

At least a quarter of all media will be distributed via the Internet by 2004, according to analysts. Roxio and EMI's agreement acknowledges changes in content distribution, creating a secure standard for distribution of music content.