A New York Post piece reports the intensifying attack Roxio and its Napster service is attempting on Apple's marketshare.

Roxio plans to launch new software – Creator 7 – in mid-February, according to the report: "Roxio's Creator 7 will be the closest thing to iTunes on the market – so close that it almost looks like the Apple service. It's integrated with Napster, allowing users to download songs, organize playlists, load a digital-music player and burn a CD", says the Times.

It will be bundled with Roxio-owned music service Napster v2.0, Creator 7 will allow easy song organization and downloading. It is also compatible with a variety of downloads from other music services using Windows Media Audio, and will be bundled with some external CD burners.

Apple retains the lead, however: "The competition have had two-and-a-half years and Apple has shown them the way," said Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg.