Parent company of Napster, Roxio, is to present at the Oppenheimer Future of Home Entertainment Conference in New York.

The conference takes place on September 21, and will ask the following questions: "Who benefits/loses from an On Demand world? What Asia Pacific trends impact us in the US? What will advertising look like in 2006? Will Interactive TV catch on this time? What HDTV distribution standards are being trialed? How will studios change the distribution dynamic? What is the future of the Home Media Server? How are film studios protected in a file-sharing world?"

In August Roxio announced that it was selling its software arm to Sonic Solutions, and that it would change its name - and its focus - to Napster.

Under the terms of the deal, Sonic will purchase essentially the entire Roxio software operation including Roxio's CD and DVD recording, authouring, photo and video editing application products including: Easy Media Creator, PhotoSuite, VideoWave, Easy DVD Copy and Toast.

In the light of this is seems strange that the company would announce its intention to present at the conference as Roxio, rather than Napster, describing itself in the press release thus: "Roxio makes award-winning software products for CD/DVD burning, photo editing and video editing."

Other presenters at the conference will include Disney, Macrovision, and Tivo.