Matrox Video Products Group has announced the release of its new RTMac bundle, which now contains Adobe Premiere, the real-time video editing application.

The bundle costs £835 (ex. VAT). The architecture (Matrox Flex 3D) of RTMac offers broadcast-quality effects and 32-bit, uncompressed animated graphics in a dual-stream, native digital-video editing environment.

Richard Townhill, senior product manager for Adobe Premiere, said: "With RTMac, Premiere users on the Mac can edit video in real time. This combination provides an important level of creative freedom and saves hours of rendering time."

"At this new low price-point for real-time editing on the Mac platform, our RTMac/Adobe Premiere bundle brings new power to a vast group of corporate communicators, educational facilities, digital filmmakers, and multimedia producers," said Spiro Plagakis, Matrox vice president of sales and marketing.

The Matrox RTMac real-time editing card is fully optimized for Adobe Premiere 6.0 and is custom built for G4 Power Macs.

RTMac complements Apple's built-in FireWire support, adding analogue video capture and output. It also permits source material from analogue devices to be digitized for use in DV editing projects. The results may be recorded to videotape, and full resolution viewing on an NTSC or PAL video monitor. It also supports dual-screen editing.

Owners of Adobe Premiere 6.0 can purchase RTMac hardware for £699 (ex. VAT). Registered owners of Matrox RTMac who also own Adobe Premiere 6.0 can download the drivers and user guide free of charge from the Matrox Web site.