In what it claims as the “first Real-time editing platform for Apple's Power Mac G4 and Final Cut Pro”, Matrox Video Products Group has announced the release of its Matrox RTMac real-time editing card for the Apple's Power Mac G4 line and Apple's new Final Cut Pro 2.

Matrox’s RTMac card provides professional real-time editing features for £699. The Matrox Flex 3D architecture exploits the graphics performance of the award-winning Matrox accelerator technology to provide broadcast-quality effects and 32-bit, uncompressed, animated graphics in a dual-stream, native-DV editing environment.

Stocks soon "We have begun shipping Matrox RTMac cards to fulfil the backlog of orders, and to stock the distribution channel," said Spiro Plagakis, Matrox vice president of sales and marketing. "The product will be available for purchase from authorized dealers and distributors worldwide in just a few days."

"Final Cut Pro 2 gives video professionals an integrated, powerful solution for editing, compositing, and special effects," said David Moody, Apple's senior director of Applications Marketing.

"When used in combination with the Matrox RTMac real-time processing card, Final Cut Pro 2 offers video editors an unbeatable solution, with the features and functionality to outperform systems many times the cost," he added.

"I've beta tested the Matrox RTMac in two systems, my older Power Mac G4 450 and my brand new Power Mac G4 733 MHz with SuperDrive. I've actually finished a few projects already including a broadcast commercial for a local affiliate," said David Saraceno, principal and creative director at MotionLaw, a project studio.

"The real-time effects greatly simplify and accelerate the editing process. RTMac gives me more time to be creative. I thought the quality of the analogue capture was excellent and I still can't believe I can do opacity in real time," he said.

Optimized for G4 Designed with the needs of corporate communicators, educational facilities, digital filmmakers, and multimedia producers in mind, RTMac is fully optimized for Final Cut Pro 2 and “seamlessly integrates into Power Mac G4 computers” according to Matrox.

Editors work with three layers of video and graphics in real time, and create broadcast-quality effects instantly, without rendering. Pixélan Software's OrganicFX Lite is bundled with RTMac to provide a selection of unique transitions.

The card also complements FireWire support built into Power Mac G4 computers with analogue video capture and output. Using the RTMac breakout box, source material from analogue devices can be digitized for use in DV editing projects. Finished projects can be recorded to videotape in real time for distribution. Full resolution viewing on a PAL or NTSC video monitor is supported without the need to connect a DV device to the Power Mac G4. Dual-screen editing is another benefit. Users simply connect a second computer monitor to increase their Final Cut Pro workspace.