Apple's move to Intel processors may make for more frequent processor upgrades for Macs, with the company's notebooks scheduled for an update by the end of the year.

A report on AppleInsider makes the claim that Apple will update both its MacBook and MacBook Pro machines with new Core 2 Duo processors across the range "before the holiday shopping season".

It's an equivocal report - it also observes Apple "may take some time" before it upgrades the machine.

The processors demand slightly less power to run, and the upgrade may see the introduction of a 2.33GHz speed to top Apple's notebook range.

The new Intel notebook Core 2 Duo chip shipped in August, under the code-name 'Merom'.

A notebook running the chip (instead of a Pentium M) will offer twice the CPU performance while drawing 28 per cent less electricity from the battery, Intel has claimed.