Apple may plan to introduce a multi-touch enabled sub-notebook - a kind of modern day Newton, a report claims.

Citing shadowy "sources", AppleInsider claims an Apple team has been working on the development of a touch sensitive sub-notebook, though development in earnest has been thwarted by efforts to ship the iPhone and continued development of Mac OS X 10.5.

With development of the current incarnation of the iPhone and its successor already in the bag, and Leopard heading inexorably toward October release, the report claims development of the portable Mac has now stepped-up a gear,

Like the iPhone and iPod touch, the device runs a version of Mac OS X. It's described as being thin, lightweight and equipped with a 720-x-480 resolution display, and to support advanced usability elements, such as drag-&-drop and copy and paste.

The device is said to be set for release in the first half of 2008.