Apple and Dell may be planning to introduce laptops equipped with Blu-ray drives, though the launch may need to wait until quality and cost concerns are addressed.

Apple's move follows the end of the format war for the next-generation high-definition standard, with HD DVD finally hitting the skids as major retailers and film studios make global moves to support Blu-ray.

Apple sits on the board responsible for propelling the Blu-ray standard. However, despite its position, many analysts believe Blu-ray may never achieve significant market traction as consumers leapfrog physical media in a move to purchase and rent high definition films through online services, such as iTunes.

Despite these potential market inhibitors, AppleInsider claims Apple will purchase slot-loading Blu-ray capable drives from Sony for implementation in its MacBook pro range.

The drives will reportedly burn and read CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, but as a rumour this hasn't yet been confirmed.

Some claim Apple will implement Blu-ray support in its pro laptops in June.