This week's latest super-secret Apple rumour declares the imminent release of a 12-inch MacBook Pro.

The release of such a model of notebook has been top of the wish list for many Mac users. They want the well-featured technological expression of a MacBook Pro in the kind of shape they enjoyed with their 12-inch PowerBooks. Apple seemingly has been ushering such customers toward its MacBook range. The report suggests this may change — perhaps as soon as Macworld Expo 2007 in San Francisco this coming January.

The MacScoop report suggests the new model will offer all the features of a MacBook and cost up to $1,800.

The news emerges as DigiTimes reveals that notebook maker Foxconn anticipates selling 1.5 million Apple portables next year.

The report also follows a relatively quiet stretch for the reporting of an earlier — and once very popular — Apple rumour, which caused some excitement in 2005. That rumour suggested Apple will one day release a Mac that uses flash memory instead of a hard drive, or a machine that uses a chunk of that solid state memory to store startup and other data in order to create fast, light machines.

Another popular story doing the rounds on the wilder side of the Mac web this week even claims Apple is preparing to release a tablet PC-style Mac, despite relatively slow sales of such products in the PC market.

iPhone rumours, claims and counter-claims also continue online.