An all-new iPod may be just around the corner, according to the company's manufacturing partner Hon Hai Industries.

Hon Hai owns Foxconn, whose iPod factories in China are at the centre of the furore following the Mail's recent report on factory conditions.

A Bloomberg report claims Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou suggested a new iPod soon at the company's annual general meeting this week.

"Apple is about to unveil the next generation of iPod, the best-selling music player in the US, using a 'none-touch' concept, Gou said without elaborating," the report explains.

The news emerges as Hon Hai prepares to issue $1.8 billion of shares on the international markets. Gou also said he expects the company's revenue to grow at least an average 30 per cent in the next five years, as component orders climb.

"Gou said he expects demand will improve in the second half of this year from the first, though it is 'unclear if it will be better than the same period a year earlier'," the report claims.

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