Apple may be about to upgrade its consumer desktop Macs.

Best Buy's online site currently lists all iMac and Mac mini models as "sold out", AppleInsider claims.

Apple is denying resellers and large partners the ability to place bulk orders for the Mac mini.

The AppleInsider blogger, who works for a collocation firm, wrote; "I was told by the reseller (name withdrawn so they don’t get in trouble) that they can’t take big orders, but after Labor Day (4 September) they’d be able to ship plenty of the new model."

The same blogger reported similar supply problems back in February this year when he was unable to secure any quantities of PowerPC-powered Mac minis, shortly after which Apple introduced the Intel-powered Mac mini.

An earlier report claimed Apple was preparing new products for launch in the autumn, and planning large high-security air-freight shipments from the Far East. Those shipments claimed the report are due to arrive in the US around 5 September, the day after Labor day.

Apple may be considering placing Intel's recently released Core 2 Duo 'Conroe' chips in its consumer Macs.