Think Secret's Nick dePlume has responded to Apple's lawsuit against his Web site.

He told Reuters that he is confident that Apple rumour site Think Secret was "within its rights to publish" material relating to unannounced Apple products.

He said: "We're confident that Think Secret's reporting is consistent with the right and privileges granted by the First Amendment. The complaint is being reviewed, and Think Secret defers further comment until it has been analyzed."

Breached confidentiality

Apple's complaint rests on its belief that the information published could only have been obtained by someone who had signed a confidentiality agreement with Apple.

The company said: "Apple had maintained and protected the Future Product Information contained in these two articles as trade secrets, and the information could not have been acquired by the dePlume Defendants without a breach of an Apple confidentiality agreement."

In addition to suing ThinkSecret publisher Nick dePlume (which is a pen-name – Apple is seeking his true identity), Apple is suing 20 other unnamed individuals; some of whom Apple believes gave the unreleased product information to the Web site.