Apple has released an updated beta version of Safari, its "turbo-charged" Web browser for Mac OS X.

The new version, Safari 1.0 beta 2 (v.73), introduces tabbed browsing to the already popular application. This lets users view multiple Web pages that are easily navigable through tabs located just below the browser's menu bar.

Tabs support has also been extended in functionallity; for example, control-clicking on a folder of Bookmarks stored in the menu bar allows users to open all the URLs stored there in tabs. Tabs must be enabled in the application's Preferences in order to work.

The new Safari also supports AutoFill, allowing Web forms and password fields to be automatically filled out with data taken from the Address Book. The updated beta also provides the option of automatically filling in user names and passwords, which are securely stored in the OS X Keychain.

Improvements all round Safari Beta 2 also introduces the "Reset Safari" option that erases browsing history, empties the cache, clears the Downloads window, removes cookies, clears Google search entries, and removes any saved names and passwords or other AutoFill text.

Additional new features include: increased standards compatibility (including Java roll-overs; improved AppleScript support and the capacity to import Bookmarks from Netscape and Mozilla.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said: "Safari is already an incredible success, with more than 2 million downloads since its launch."

The new Safari is available using Software Update or for direct download from the company's Web site.