Apple's Safari browser has been downloaded over a million times since its Macworld Expo San Francisco release on January 7, the company has announced.

Custom-built for Macs, Apple's speed tests put it at three times faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer. This speed difference is thanks to its state of the art rendering engine, which also enables the user to run Javascripts at twice the speed of Internet explorer.

Features include Google integration, simplified downloads, SnapBack, and "new millenium' bookmarks. SnapBack goes directly back to search results, or to the top level of a Web site. The bookmarks have a number of new features, such as instant bookmark editing and simplified filing.

Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, says that the free public beta of Safari is "already the fastest browser on the Mac, and possibly the fastest in the world".

The Safari public beta, is available for free at Minimum system requirements are Mac OS X v10.2, and it has been optimized for Mac OS v10.2.3. The download is 3MB and takes up 7.1MB of hard drive space. The Final release of Safari should be coming later in 2003.