Safari is now the world's third-most popular Web browser while Mozilla browsers, including Firefox, continue to gain market share, according to

Despite such gains, Microsoft's Internet Explorer continues to dominate the market, with 85.45 per cent share, down 1.18 per cent since the end of April.

Mozilla browsers now have 11.51 per cent of the market, up 2.82 per cent since April 2005.

Safari holds 1.75 per cent of the market; Opera has 0.77 per cent and Netscape 0.26 per cent.

"The global usage share of Mozilla's browsers is still growing and it seems that Netscape users and some Internet Explorer users are switching to Firefox. It also looks like that browser users of Internet Explorer for Mac are switching to Safari because the global usage share is still growing. Microsoft's Internet Explorer has less global usage share in the US than in the UK, while Mozilla's browsers are more popular in US and Canada than the UK," said Niels Brinkman, co-founder of, in a statement.