Apple's Safari web browser continues to gather market share, with recent figures for June showing a 3.19 per cent split of the market.

Internet Explorer continues to lose ground, with its share of web browser usage falling to 84.04 per cent.

Firefox has roundly claimed the second place space, climbing to 10.77 per cent share. Netscape, Opera and others each hold under 1 per cent of usage, according to a report on Net Applications Market Share publication.

For the year to date, the report shows Safari grabbing 3.17 per cent of the market. Last year Apple's home-made browser held 2.15 per cent of the market.

These figures suggest a steady climb in Mac market share online, though these figures don't directly correlate because many Mac users favour alternative browsers, such as Opera, Firefox or others.

However the figures do represent a 50 per cent growth in Safari use, year on year.