DuroData has launched Sage Link 2, the first Mac OS X-compatible version of its FileMaker-Sage integration software that enables accounts information to be updated between FileMaker Pro 6 and Sage Line 50.

The company predicts that a new market will open for them with the new OS X version of the software, stating that "Until now, firms that use the Macintosh platform to manage customer sales information had no alternative but to re-key information into Sage Line 50, as Sage software is only available on the Windows platform."

Sage Link product developer James Figgins said: "Invoices, timesheets, and orders can now be generated in a FileMaker solution running on the Mac and be updated automatically across the company network into Sage Line 50 running on the Windows platform.

"We have in effect given Mac users to chance to start using Britain’s best selling accounts software, even though it does not by itself run on the Mac.”

Sage Link 2 uses the XML technology that is built into FileMaker Pro 6 to exchange customer sales and supplier purchase data between FileMaker and Sage over a company’s network.

Figgins added: “Many financial controllers like the fact that colleagues using FileMaker don’t require network access to Sage Line 50, which might contain sensitive account information."

DuroData’s technical director Arthur Evans said: “The Sage Link product has been developed to address a strong demand in the UK for a method by which workgroups can continue to use FileMaker Pro, with its inherent capabilities for designing custom database software, while satisfying the requirements of the company accounts department and external auditors by using Sage Line 50 software for generating standard financial reports.”

Sage Link 2 is available for £239 excluding VAT per licence. Included on the Sage Link installation CD are a series of ready to use FileMaker customer invoice templates and an installation and user guide. The software can be purchased directly from DuroData.