Apple’s executive vice president for worldwide sales and operations is listed among “the 20 young execs you need to know” in the June 2002 issue of business Web site Business 2.0.

The article sings the praises of executive Tim Cook for overhauling Apple’s supply chain: “Since Cook signed on at Apple four years ago, he has led a spectacular overhaul of the computer maker’s supply chain.”

He also managed to significantly reduce inventory, the article claims: “In Apple’s most recent quarter, it had just 36 hours’ worth of inventory on hand – down from a month’s worth before he arrived.”

Cook’s achievements have been recognised and rewarded by Apple – he was handed the responsibility for Apple’s sales and customer service last year, and now pockets almost $1 million a year, making him the company’s highest-paid executive.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, gets paid a token $1 a year.