UK music promoter The Mean Fiddler has made a deal with Shazam to let music lovers buy music using mobiles from the Fiddler's music service.

The Guardian reports the Mean Fiddler believes the plan will help it grab sales from younger music fans, who may not have credit cards. Shazam's service lets a user identify and buy a song just through dialling a special number and pointing the phone at a music source. Tracks will cost £1.50 each.

Mean Fiddler Group chairman, the legendary Vince Power, described the deal as a "tremendous opportunity", adding that his company's research shows, "67 per cent of all legal downloads are paid for using mobiles".

Samsung's 'iPod-killer'?

In related news, mobile phone giant Samsung yesterday revealed its plans to begin selling a 3G mobile phone that integrates a hard drive later this month in South Korea. The SPH-V5400 is a clam-shell type mobile phone and the hard-disk drive has a capacity of 1.5GB.

The mobile phone is capable of playing music files, hosts a built-in FM transmitter and carries a built-in digital camera. Additional functions include: TV output, dual speakers, 64-tome polyphonic ringers and dual LCD panels.