Sapphire Innovations has released a host of plug-ins and resources for graphics artists.

Star Edges is set of 100 royalty-free, star-shaped borders (JPEGs). It can be used alone, or added to plug-ins from Extensis or Auto/FX. It costs $19.95

Sparkle contains 1,500 royalty-free symbols for use within Flash 4. A variety of shapes and styles, the symbols come in themed libraries. It costs $24.95.

Sapphire Pack 1 is a set of ten plug-ins for Illustrator 8 - including Duplication, Grid, Random Clutter, Star Creator and Random Colour. Each plug-in can handle multiple paths, layers, colour change, rotation and scaling effects. It is compatible with Flash and costs $44.95.

Nozzles features 100 new, royalty-free nozzle files for Painter-related products. It includes a variety of shapes, styles and colours and costs $10.

Grainy is collection of over 500 grains for Painter, Painter Classic and Painter 3D. It includes a variety of styles and costs $19.95.

Cog Edges is a set of 100 borders (JPEGs) in variety of cog and gear shapes, they work with some Extensis or Auto/FX plug-ins and cost $19.95.

Demos of the plug-ins can be downloaded from