UK Mac users in areas still unserved by broadband have been promised satellite broadband by Mac-1 Internet.

The company – also known as Smile Broadband – will launch its Mac-ready one-way satellite broadband system "in the next few weeks", it said.

A PC version of the one-way satellite broadband service has been available since February. That system employs a dial-up connection – either a landline or ISDN – for the uplink, and a 60cm satellite dish for the downlink.

Four connection speeds will be available: 256K, 512K, 1,024K and 2,048K. Installation of the dish, software and a PCI modem costs £215 (excluding VAT).

Monthly subscription costs are as follows: 256K (£21); 512K (£31); 1,024K (£41); 2,048K (£71).

More information is available from the company's Web site.