RealViz is shipping SceneWeaver for Mac OS X.

SceneWeaver creates realistic 3D environments from still or panoramic photos. It imports 3D objects into scenes, and creates object hierarchies for delivery of content into Macromedia Director or Shockwave formats.

Patrick Dumas, chief operating officer of RealViz, said: “Mac OS X is without doubt the most powerful platform for digital-content creation today. The debut of Stitcher for OS X resulted in a tremendous wave of interest and sales, and we expect this product will also be embraced by users who recognize the huge potential of our tools.”

Ron Okamoto, Apple’s VP Worldwide developer relations said: “SceneWeaver uses the high-end graphics power of Mac OS X to provide an incredible solution for building interactive 3D environments – we’re excited to have it available for our creative users.”

Shockwave to the system The application offers a host of features, including: the ability to import .OBJ and 3D models to place in 3D space for fast content-assembly; the creation of object hierarchies for improved object control in interactive applications; a library of pre-defined Shockwave behaviours; the ability to extract textures from any background component automatically; and the capacity to export projects to Shockwave 3D and VRML for Web publishing.

SceneWeaver also offers the ability to stack objects, create primitives, and detect object collisions for accurate results. The application also supports the creation of vertical polygonal masks for complex scene construction.

The product is also available as part of the RealViz Interactive Studio Suite – which combines Stitcher, ImageModeler and SceneWeaver. SceneWeaver costs £250 plus VAT until June 15, and £350 plus VAT thereafter.