Apple has released a QuickTime 5.0 video featuring VP worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller's keynote speech at Seybold.

The 90-minute transmission as reported, focuses on Mac OS X 10.1 and third party applications. X 10.1 will be available internationally on Saturday, September 29.

Apple also yesterday released updates for AppleWorks and iMovie. The AppleWorks 6.2.1 updater is for future Mac OS X 10.1 users. It adds performance and compatibility enhancements to the application. Installation requires the OS X 10.1 and AppleWorks 6.2 update be installed. The update is available in several languages, including International English.

Apple's iMovie 2.1.1 update is for Mac OS 9, and adds the ability to export to iDVD, as well as some performance and stability improvements, Apple claims. At present, only the North American English version of the update is available. Apple warns against installing this on non-North American systems in case of system degradation.