The Science Museum is currently hosting the Pixar: 20 Years of Animation exhibition in London.

The exhibition examines the work of Pixar's world-class artist team, and includes 250 drawings and paintings, 50 sculptures, and computer-generated multimedia artworks. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is also the CEO of Pixar, which he recently sold to Disney.

The exhibition offers artistic and technological insight into the studio's hugely successful movies ranging from 'Toy Story', 'A Bug's Life', 'Toy Story 2', 'Monsters Inc.', Finding Nemo', 'The Incredibles', and the forthcoming Disney presentation of the Pixar film 'Cars'.

John Lasseter‚ executive vice president‚ creative‚ Pixar Animation Studios‚ said: "Our artists work in traditional media - hand drawings‚ painting‚ sculpture as well as the computer - to create our films. In our world the computer is a tool‚ the same as a pencil or a brush. Our artists create so much beautiful art for each film that most people never get to see‚ so we are grateful that they will now have an opportunity to experience this unique collection of work."

Jon Tucker‚ head of the Science Museum said: "This exhibition will give our visitors a unique glimpse into Pixar Animation Studios‚ one of the most creative film studios in the world.

The exhibition is also exploring the history of animation in film‚ using objects from the Science Museum's collection‚ including original Victorian magic lanterns‚ zoetropes‚ cameras, and early pieces of animated film.

Accompanying the exhibition‚ the Museum is running a series of events for a range of audiences‚ from workshops for 7-14 year olds to talks with animators‚ directors‚ producers‚ Oscar winners and nominees‚ revealing the details and secrets of their work.

The exhibition ends on June 10 2006. Admission costs £9 for adults or £7 for children and students. Education and family tickets are also available.