With start of summer just around the corner, you're probably daydreaming about that giant rack of meat you're going to throw on your trusty grill this weekend (don't forget the vegetarian options, too!). But before you dust off that barbecue, consider using one of those old computer towers for your cookout.

No, really! Imgur user Jc8Ic gutted an old Power Mac G5 and transformed it into a backyard barbecue grill. He started by turning a G5 tower on its side and removing the side panel. After removing the machine's innards, the intrepid replaced the Power Mac's side panel with an aluminum grate, and attached and a wooden base beneath the case in order to keep it off the table.

From there, you can add in the charcoal, heat it up, and get to grilling. The only downside is that the added grate will warp after a bit of use, but it can be readily replaced as needed. Besides, it's one less old computer taking up space in the house.

If you are thinking about making your own Power Mac G5 grill, visit the creator's Imgur gallery to see how it all came together.

[Imgur via Macgasm]

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