iPods may soon be be louder and last longer between charges, thanks to pioneering work by Scottish technology firm, Wolfson Microelectronics.

Wolfson has been a long-term technology partner for the iPod, creating an audio chip that is used in the device.

This week the company will unveil a new headphone driver chip that integrates new software to increase the power efficiency of digital media players by "up to 70 per cent", according to the Sunday Herald.

This means iPod (and other digital media gadget) owners will be able to play music louder and longer.

When the company launched a similar prouct for digital televisions last month, Julian Hayes, vice-president of marketing at Wolfson, said: "As the demand for high-quality audio in digital entertainment applications, including portable video, continues to grow, designers need greater flexibility, reduced complexity and reduced cost in the components they use."