Apple's Taiwan-based iMac production partner Quanta saw declining shipments in February, claims Far East IT-trade Web site, DigiTimes.

The site reports that iMac production has been affected by 15-inch LCD screen shortages: "Quanta Computer’s revenues turned in a slight month-on-month decrease in February, due to a supply shortage of 15-inch LCD panels for the new iMac."

However, the report continues: "Although notebook shipments in February declined by 40,000 units on the month, Quanta is still optimistic about reaching its 1.2 million-unit target for the quarter." The company has produced 800,000 portable computers so far this year, and is Taiwan's largest notebook manufacturer.

DigiTimes reports that notebook shipments in Taiwan grew strongly year-on-year in February – despite February's Chinese New Year, the biggest holiday period in the region.