LAS VEGAS--Seagate Sunday announced a clutch of storage products at CES 2014 that include a sexy silver-plated hard drive in the shape of a sphere.

Those interested in esthetics may be intrigued by the upcoming LaCie Sphere hard drive, shown above, which will be handcrafted and silver-plated in France by the famed silver shop Christofle. The Sphere is made of steel, has a 1TB capacity, USB 3.0, and should be available in the first quarter of 2014. Pricing starts at $490.

Also announced is a wireless hard drive with a 1TB capacity that Seagate calls the Fuel. To be released under Seagate's LaCie brand, it's aimed at Mac users. Seagate says it can store up to 500 movies, 160,000 songs or 190,000 photos--and the user can share them with up to five devices at once.

The $200 Fuel also is compatible with AirPlay, so it can stream movies to an HDTV vial Apple TV.

Want faster portable storage? Seagate will offer the LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt, which the company says is powered by fast Thunderbolt 2, as well as a set of 500GB SSDs.

The target market for this USB 3.0 drive is videographers, as it will allow them to stream or edit 4K or 3D video on the go.

It is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2014 and comes in several capacities ranging up to 4TB. No pricing was announced.

Seagate also said it has updated its Backup Plus Slim drive, with capacities ranging from $100 for 500 GB to $300 for 4TB, as well as its Backup Plus desktop offerings, which range from $130 for 2TB to $230 for 4TB.


Seagate said it will partner with Lenovo to deliver the Yoga 2, a new, affordable laptop hybrid tablet be powered by Seagate's 5mm Laptop Ultrathin hard disk drive (HDD).

Seagate will also demo its 5mm Ultra Mobile HDD in Haier Computer's 13-inch 500GB Tablet/PC, which is named the Sailing P13A. Additionally, Seagate HDDs will be standard in all Haier PCs, the company said.

Finally, Seagate said that its data protection service, called Seagate Rescue, will be offered through Staples in the U.S. and via NCIX and Canada Computer in Canada.