As expected, supplies of iPods are drying up just in time for Christmas. has reported that it has sold out of the 20GB iPod and Best Buy has admitted that the must-have gadget is in short supply.

Even Father Christmas has told Macworld that his elves are struggling to meet demand for this Christmas's top stocking filler.

Christmas blues

Amazon's Molly Ingle told New York Daily News: "We ran out of the 20GB model and the iPod mini."

Best Buy doesn't expect to get more 20GB iPods in store before Christmas.

Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris said: "We're making and shipping iPods as fast as we can."

Appel CEO Steve Jobs warned that the company would probably not be able to meet seasonal demand for the iPod back in October. At the opening of a new mini retail store in Palo Alto, California he said: "We've taken our best guess, and we're building a lot, but the demand may be even larger. So if you want to be sure to get an iPod this holiday season, I'd get one soon".