Another US college will give free iPods Photos to its new student intake this autumn.

In a similar initiative to that begun last year at Duke University, Drexel University School of Education will make the same move, also in an attempt to "integrate technology into teaching", according to the Daily Pennsylvanian.

The success or failure of the year-long Duke University scheme is due next week.

Drexel's School of Education Director William Lynch told that newspaper: "Our focus is on bringing technology to [solve] human problems and increasing human understanding through the use of technology."

The plan is far more limited in scope than Duke's dramatic 1,650-strong iPod giveaway: between just 30-50 students will receive the devices in a "curriculum-centred" initiative.

Responding to criticisms that the iPods will simply be used as a music player, Lynch said: "Rather than resisting a popular technology because it's popular, we want to embrace that as a way to be more effective in communicating".