Apple has released its second public beta of X11 for OS X, its solution that supports X Windows (Unix) applications on OS X.

It's based on the open source XFree 86 project, which is the most common implementation of X11.

A host of new features have been integrated into X11 v.2, including: support for gnome and KDE hints; a feature that lets application windows cascade instead of piling on top of each other if they do not have an explicit placement policy; the Dock menu now shows a list of X11 windows; support for copy-&-paste; support to "respect the Mac OS X's international keyboard mapping"; and keymappings are now derived from OS X's System Libraries.

A number of additional features for X11 developers and commonly-employed developer tools have also been put in place. Apple has also repaired a number of bugs and enhanced some existing features.

When X11 was originally announced at Macworld Expo San Francisco 2003, Phil Schiller, the company's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, said: : "Apple has become the highest volume supplier of UNIX-based systems, and now with X11 for Mac OS X we?re making it even easier for UNIX pros to switch to the Mac."

Apple recently revealed that over 100,000 downloads of X11 for X have taken place since its release.