Intego has made all its security software Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger compatible.

The company claims it has updated all its programs to "ensure that it is safe to use the Internet with Apple's new operating system".

Intego CEO Laurent Marteau said: "Intego is always ready when Apple releases a new system update. We are very excited about Tiger, and all our products will help ensure that Mac users have full protection from the dangers of the Internet."

As well as ensuring the compatibility of its programs with Mac OS X 10.4, Intego claims it has also optimized speed and enhanced the quality of its programs. "For example, the Tiger-compatible version of Intego Personal Backup X runs backups several times faster than the Panther version, " says Intego.

The latest versions of the software will be available for downloaded on April 27 to subscribers using NetUpdate, Intego's Internet updating utility.

The following updates will be available: NetBarrier X3 10.3.6, VirusBarrier X 10.1.4, Personal Backup X 10.3.9, ContentBarrier X 10.1.4, ChatBarrier X3 10.3.5, Personal Antispam X3 10.3.4, Remote Management Console 10.3.4, and NetUpdate 10.3.2.