Selfridges is offering iPod training at a premium price.

New iPod users who want to learn how to use their new music player can get 40-minutes training for £65.

Alternatively they could check the timetable of events at London's Apple retail store, which offers free iPod and iTunes training (the "iPod and iTunes workshop") between 1pm and 2pm each day of the week, except Thursday when the session runs at 5pm.

Selfridges is offering one-on-one training because so many customers have been baffled at using the world's easiest-to-use music player. New iPod users can also book a home visit by an iPod tutor.

Selfridges also offers a SpeedPod service in which CDs are loaded on to iPods while owners wait.

Selfridges' SpeedPod manager Kristina Rate said the staff giving the training would be iPod enthusiasts, telling The Scotsman: "This is in response to customer demand. Children and people over 40 seem to be inquiring about how to do various things with the iPod," she said.

"Our guys basically know everything about it by really being interested. There isn't such a thing as an iPod school or an MP3 player course."