Lawmakers at the Senate have delayed a controversial bill that would make it easier to sue online file-trading networks because there is too much opposition to it.

Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch told Reuters: "Negotiators will try to come up with a bill that will satisfy the entertainment and technology industries."

The Induce Act is designed to correct a loophole in the law that enables file-trading networks to argue that they do not commit copyright infringement, and are therefore innocent of the illegal acts of their customers.

However, if the act is made law, makers of digital-media players like the iPod may also be targeted because they enable the copying of music.

Hatch said: "If I have to, I will lock all of the key parties in a room until they come out with an acceptable bill that stops the bad actors and preserves technological innovation."

A group of companies recently submitted an alternative to the proposed Induce Act. The amendment seeks to specify the grounds under which a firm would be found to be encouraging copyright infringement.