The UK's Unix and Open Systems User Group (UKUUG) will host an Apple Technology briefing on Mac OS X for Intel this week.

The event takes place on Thursday April 20 (2pm) at the Imperial Hotel, Russell Square, London. It features Apple Core Technologies group's senior software engineer Eric Albert and Oxford University Unix expert Graham Lee.

Albert worked across Mac OS X during its transition to Intel chips, from the OS kernel and compiler tools to applications like iPhoto and Keynote. Before he began with Apple, he worked for Microsoft on the shared-source .NET project ("Rotor") at Microsoft and for Apple's Java team.

Albert will offer attendees some insight into scientific computing and Apple's Intel transition. He will particularly discuss the challenges of migrating an entire operating system to a new architecture; how developers can make software that runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs, and Rosetta.

He will also talk about Intel's published processor roadmap and "how it may affect the future of personal and scientific computing," the UKUUG explained.

One or more other speakers will discuss their personal experiences of migrating their projects to OS X on Intel, but these speakers have not yet been announced, the organisation said.

This event is aimed at all UNIX users, particularly those interested in its core technologies and the associated development environments.

Registration for this event is free, but pre-registration is required.