In Macworld’s first-ever online reader poll, we asked: “Which is Apple's sexiest computer?”.

The runaway winner, with 42 per cent of the vote, is Apple’s titanium-clad PowerBook G4. This one-inch-thick pro portable has taken the loptop market by storm, and even helped Apple into profit last quarter.

There were dissenters, though. One voter posted the comment that: “What’s so sexy about getting sweaty knees just by turning on the PowerBook. The Cube looks sexy in the corner of one’s boudoir.”

And in second place is the Power Mac G4 Cube, which wowed everyone but sadly failed to sell as well as expected. The Cube took 21 per cent of the Macworld-reader vote. A disappointed voter proclaimed “the Cube is the sexiest,” but added “it’s just a shame I cannot afford it”.

In third place is Apple’s new iBook (11 per cent), which one voter expected to become “Apples biggest-selling laptop ever”.

Apple’s also-rans The other contenders were left standing, with the fourth-place 20th Anniversary Mac gaining just 6 per cent of the poll. This limited-edition sleek, flat-panel system was released in 1997 to commemorate Apple’s corporate anniversary the year before.

The fifth-placed Power Mac G4 (4 per cent) impressed some, but, as one voter pointed out “the ‘Yosemite’ design is excellent, but it never challenged the way computers should look as radically as the original”.

And the original 1984 Mac case came in a close sixth (3 per cent), drawing with the black PowerBook G3. One retro-fan put it well: “If old ain’t sexy, tell them to stop selling pictures=s of Marilyn Monroe”.

There was also a draw at 2 per cent, between the the current iMac and 1993’s Color Classic.

In last place was Macworld editor-in-chief Simon Jary’s choice of 1990’s “pizza-box” Macintosh LC, which garnered just 16 votes – a mere 1 per cent of the total vote.

A lone voter was distraught to see no mention of the Performa 6360.

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